Saturday, December 05, 2015

Europan 13

My second attempt at Europan. 
This work was for Europan 13, done in collaboration with Koen Schaballie.
The site was Libramont in Belgium.
The results were announced yesterday with a jury report for our site stating "Initially, examination of the projects did not give rise to any enthusiasm from the jury members.After reflection, it seemed that the underwhelming quality of the proposals revealed the difficulty in meeting the requirements of the programme. The members of the jury indeed deemed the requirements to be too restrictive as regards the required density of the site, leading to the authors of the various projects having to accomplish a task akin to “squaring the circle”."
Leading to the Jury members selecting no winners, no runner ups but a special mention for a project that deviated from the brief.
Despite not winning, I am extremely happy and proud of the work a 2 member team working efficiently and closely over a span of 6 weeks was able to produce.