Sunday, July 14, 2013

London Architecture Summer Shows

One of the many summer treats, an exhibition of one years blood, sweat and tears by an exceptionally talented group of people who strive to convince the world of their brilliant ideas, while the world comes to watch and judge. Some (like me) happy to simply see the energy and sincere attempts at trying to solve problems/come up with alternatives/change the world etc while others tinker and question if this is too far and disconnected from its immediate applicability in the field of water-proofing details here!
Unfortunately for some, these exhibitions exhibit ideas not products.
All these brilliant minds will soon enter professional space, they will be methodically told to tone down, be subtle, some times even downright stupid, in the manner of "so that even my grandma understands" a phrase that sums up the process of design within professional space so effectively that I cant help but smile when someone says that around me, wondering how our previous generation in their old age still continue to have a profound influence on the field. Systemically their work will be assessed and shaped to obliterate all the forms of experimental inclinations. 
So this is definitely the right moment in time to see their best works by far.