Saturday, January 23, 2010

Europan 10

Me and Nora had participated in Europan 10 competition few months back.The results were on the 18th of Jan.

(a low res composite of all the 3 A0 panels submitted for the competition)
Our site was located in Spain, at Elda a small town known for its shoe making industry. You can find the design brief here. We didn't win the competition, most of the winners for Spanish sites were Jose, Javier, Alejandro, Diego and Carlos who were local and seemed to have more familiarity with the site.
(3d view through the design intervention, site and the existing hill that was to be developed as a open space for the surrounding neighbourhoods)

(housing with productive landscape and other collective resources)
But inspite of an un-win, it was good fun!
and I hope we win something soon in the next few competitions that we are presently participating...

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