Monday, August 03, 2009

Wanted a Competent, Experienced, Professional Designer

FQDP Associates are looking for a competent enthusiastic RIBA, ARB qualified, LEEDS certified professional architect with 8 years of experience in International building guidelines, project management, Sustainable designing, construction details and facade structural analysis, with expertise in Vectorworks, Autocad, 3dMax, Microstation, Sketchup, GIS, V-Ray, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Having fluency in English & Dutch is a must, but also knowing Chinese, Arabic or Spanish will be an advantage. Experience in Middle East, Hong Kong and China would be great! But you must also know local design guidelines up to date. We shall provide you with preliminary 2 months unpaid Internship training period after which you shall be employed on minimum wages providing you with valuable experience in our highly reputable design office. If you believe you satisfy all our above requirements, please send your CV, letter of Interest, Portfolio and Reference letters to Mrs Silverwoodsidebottam. We do not accept application by email! Please post printed application to the office address.
(Fumihiko Maki, left, Larry A. Silverstein, Gov. George E. Pataki, Daniel Libeskind, Norman Foster and Richard Rogers. Image source: The New York Times)
Nothing has ever given me a bigger inferior complex than these design office advertisements expecting all knowing pure perfection not necessarily efficient in design but 'professionalism', in return for which one is said to be working for valuable experience and love of the profession. I don't have a problem with the best design offices having high expectations but when small, stupid, inconsequential dim wits ranting about fake sustainability and rendering views with green grass and happy people frolicking start talking about professionalism and design it is just hilarious.
Never before have I hated the design profession more...

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