Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recession as an excuse for exploitation

The economic recession and reduction in the global job market has created extreme competition within people (with different priorities and access to opportunities) for jobs. This in turn has led to the recession being used as an excuse by the employer to negotiate with the employee for the cost of his / her labour. If you are one of the many professionals being exploited by recession, it is important that you do not allow this to devalue (if you are thinking about working for free) or undervalue your skills and capabilities. Form small groups with your equals or friends, work for a competition or towards developing visions and ideas, take shelter within academic spaces and find venues through floating culture capital but by no means let your value be decided by a desperate employer wanting to keep his office profits afloat at your expense. So beware of underpaid office internships promising a learning experience!


  1. pish posh

    supply and demand are what they are. being paid less is not an insult when everyone has less money

  2. I apologise if I upset you by my ignorance of economics (supply and demand)& social justice (everyone & less money)...
    if our existing systems of supply and demand were so efficiently tied to social justice as the strings that bind you to your employer (or you to your labour) then ALL of us would had MORE money!!