Sunday, March 29, 2009

G20 summit

(group photo from previous summit)
As we are confronted by the global economic crises, the hypocrites of the world united, converge for the G20 summit to discuss creative ways to once again attempt to sell the classic oxymoron of "principled capitalism". Reforming International Financial Institution, the IMF and the World Bank seem to be some of the explicitly unavoidable points on the itinerary that shall get discussed in order to collaboratively plot more sophisticated adjustments to global economies to continue 'business as usual'.
Organizations by the name 'Put People First' described as "a coalition of development charities, trade unions, faith groups, environmentalists and other organisations, formed in response to call for a fair, sustainable route out of recession" on their website, have been successful in gathering a collective for a protest march involving thousands of people taking to the streets from Embankment to Hyde Park.
I personally don’t believe protests by themselves bring change, but they are very important and extremely instrumental in forming a collective conscience and asserting conspicuous pressure on representatives that we elect. This point in time, the protest is not for a comparatively small project affected population (Mill lands or Narmada Bachao Andolan), neither is it for a niche cause not apparent enough to our everyday lives (Purple snails in the 6 sector of Amazonian rainforest) but it may come to be one of the first truly global protest that may sow the seeds for further sporadic global representations of discontent against systems of state and private oppression. (please note as I desperately refrain from using the R word)

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