Friday, April 18, 2008

Images of Utopia


  1. heyy! nice to see u back in here! last i cheked ur blog was private...welcome much kool stuff to read...i love it!

  2. gorgeous they are. i like the strange creatures sitting madly in the skyline among the prim buildings most

  3. Great images Saurabh!!. Reminded me of the fantasy map of the Piccadilly line..

    In case you dont know what I'm talking about.. you can find at the following web address

  4. hi richa, yes "kool stuff" indeed :)
    hi sonu, my first focused attempt at making collages heheehehe. funny they look, but i am damn happy with myself as usual.
    hi Sahil, long time no see. We should meet up sometime, if you are in London as well....