Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sainsbury’s, Canary wharf and a Happy New Year!

I live in a beautiful city. A city where artists and musicians are most generously waged places along beautiful pavements, clean side walks and efficient underground tube station. Most of these obstinate rebels sincerely strive to be as innovative as possible in order to impress a banker, an accountant, a lawyer, a minister within a brief span of 10 seconds to earn a glance of pity, a smile of appreciation and some pennies. This hierarchy tends to repeat itself over and over again in the ugliest possible manner all over this beautiful city, safe guarded by sirens and dotted by museums. This beautiful city has CCTV cameras protecting the innocents from the violence of ‘stomping, whopping, stealing, singing, tap-dancing, violating, Derby-topped’ Clockwork Orange-hooligans who resist converting into straight forward, god fearing, taxpaying, credit card using, over consuming citizens.....inspite of the museums, galleries, libraries, monuments, gardens, lawns, Christmas trees, angels, churches, castles, villas, banks and one royal family complete with a queen! This global economic capital, a city with highest ethnic & cultural mix all over the world successfully manages to tame most of its tourists, migrants and residents, to steer clear of discontent and talk about discounts. As people from council housing and elite villas alike, plunge together on Boxing Day, passionately shopping for pieces of brands that will build their sense of identities when they travel in the tube to their homes. So it isn’t a surprise when most conversations of not so interesting people oscillate within a rather wide range of great deals in beautiful clothes, mugs, shoes and coffee powders........and environmental sustainability!

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