Saturday, October 13, 2007

dE_sign MuSeuM . :
Gives one a good idea of what happens when design becomes absolutely can try this at home, though some images look really sharp they wont cut you! they only cut logic.

Take a normal photograph, run a program that finds pixels on the photograph which correspond with the co-ordinates of your maternal uncles house, then divide it with the clients visa card number...then skew, stretch and intensively explore (by now one starts wondering...explore what?) explore form and space ofcourse! and lets not forget layers of time.

Then for taste add in some words which start with 'Morpho', 'Meta' or if one craves linguistic adventures then even 'Morbo'. By now i assume before you sits a model that is so totally unsustainable, demands high resources for its construction and has absolutely no connection with what exists around, great! now get yourself some really good banks and structural engineers...

Sarcasm aside i think some building designs may be good but the process followed seems to be so acontextual that i just dont get it and its just not one architect but a whole lot of people here who imagine form to be plasticin clay ready to be explored at the hands of an architect with a capital A.

Till now i have liked Terry Farrel's Urban Design proposals in the latest Architectural Review. It atleast looks at the city and the number of people, density etc. Sustainability is also a BIG thing here...every new project is always questioned for sustainability, for the 2012 olympics it seems they are planning to reuse even bricks from the rubble from demolition and land a lot of architectural and UD students have grass growing on rooftops and fans that generate electricity. funny.


  1. Hehehehe - Sustainability is a big thing EVERYWHERE (except KRV)

  2. in our first excercise my group came up with 'social sustainability' and caused a lot of discomfort...

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    autograph please:)