Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Barber

Next to Borivali station, opposite the 240 bus stop there is this 'Bina haircutting salon' where i go. Most of the barbers have been working there ever since i was a kid accompanied by my dad, who would get a haircut just to give me company. I love getting a haircut, it feels like someone just pressed the refresh button or something like that. A lot of things have changed around the salon, with new shops, new products and new hairstyles. But somehow this place stayed unchanged, the white laminate seat for waiting, the shower handles, the designer barber chairs and people working there. The smell of cheap perfume, shaving cream and powder mixing with the spray and everything gets forgiven. These guys are not into styling, they give 3 types of haircut: small, medium and large, working wonders for office goers and people like me who don't like designer French barbers asking which shampoo i use and when, in that peculiarly condescending way thats makes you feel you don't deserve even a single strand of your own hair on your head.


  1. hey but i have fancy barber and he is good fun.

  2. Fancy barbers are different to girls and different to boys. Gender politics! i say.

  3. Oh please. I have as much a tough time at the 'barbers' as you do. Ulta, there are no dhoop chhaon 'salons' for women!!!
    btw, party snaps were awesome sawesome :)

  4. sau this is a lovely post.
    and i completely understnad the point about the refresh button. It is exactly like that!
    i think i need to go get refreshed