Sunday, June 03, 2007

Boy in balcony

The image intends to put the observer within one of the inner city buildings, in a twilight zone, nor out on the street from where you can see the building and not even within one of the houses but somewhere in between, where the no mans land exists or should i say everyone's land. The place where multiple narratives unfold as they co exist in their respective corners, with the building allowing, absorbing and accommodating a range of activities.

The water pumps in lower left hand side corner are peculiar to Null Bazaar where each family has installed its own pump that directly gets connected to the main line which receives water during certain times of the day. As most buildings have turned into a collage of material, activities and spaces services envelope the building and spread in different directions like the water supply pipes that travel within the painting to create spaces. The building internally get figured out such that tolerance and acknowledgement of multiplicity allows people, plants, rats and lizards to coexist each having their own world and role to play within the building.


  1. oye? congrats for what???

  2. no black microtip!!!!
    it looks dam good.

  3. Lovely....I never thought such a theme would look so good on paper. Work of a true Genius..

  4. thanks a lot sandy, it is a part of a collaborative project being done with 2 of my friends aditya and ranjit. And thanks to 'wonderful wonderful' also.

  5. wow!!!!
    the painting is just mindblowing...
    i absolutely love it...