Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Virtual Freedom

Happened to see the Airtel advt, with extremely powerful black and white images and sub titles being flashed on your screen… one dream can change a nation (with Martin Luther King), One finger can break a million hearts (with umpire Shepherd declaring Sachin out) and one voice to move a nation two fingers to win a world war and million candles to end it, the add continues, with Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and many more doing their bit of modeling for Airtel. The advertisement predictably ends with ‘the power of expression, express yourself’.

Ranjit happened to show me Orkut site and rest of the world on Orkut, right from long lost friends from school days to new potential ones. Everyone can now post pictures, comments, meet friends and have a very delicately crafted profile (with the right light, sepia tone, Photoshop touch ups) all that as we blog, scrap, orkut (don’t know if I can use it as a verb) and form complex communities. So as we continue traveling in packed trains, abusing the government, rushing to our workspaces, negotiating for space and many other everyday torments, we can finally express and declare and say things about the government, rains, poverty, cute puppies, movies and be each others fans and change the world through this new found freedom of expression. We are finally free…

I can’t deprive myself of so much freedom that I never had…

I am on my way to buy an Airtel card, order Adidas shoes, run \ swim to the nearest Reliance centre and open my very own Orkut account.

p.s. There was no other space I could put this on, but my blog.