Thursday, June 23, 2005

Urban Floop

Yes i have reloaded the blog...
Decided to stick to the old name...i think it is phonetically interesting; breaks the seriousness of 'urban'...imagine the blog being 'urban research' or something like that. A little bit more phenomenological theorizing on 'floop' and i might just be able to push it in the oxford.
Urban Floop will be an experiment, archive and other things big and small that shall occupy my interest and I may want to record, retain, share beyond the scope of my short term memory...some postings may be vaguely related to something personal but I shall try to steer clear of personal day to day acts, grievances and courtships as I can knowing this to be a sort of balcony/terrace space...dwelling between semi public- semi private...some place vague.
Urban Floop will be a combined effort of all my confusions, misinterpretations and blind ambitions to create something vaguely fun to read...though at times I may take to using footnotes in order to assure the authenticity of the sources but mostly it will be true and everything will work out all right...

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