Friday, August 31, 2007

Project : small room in Wadala

Frosted mirrored glass cupboard, mirror, bed head, green book shelf, golden corner study, with a band of wooden pelmet having inlay of 'jade' bisazza.

Window with Jaisalmer stone border & coloured glass marble shutter, with Amiruddinn son of Shahabuddin (our carpenter) posing in foreground


This is my second project with sonu and was damn good fun. It was a small project involving a complete design of a small room which was to have a bed, a study, a small library and a cupboard. Both me & sonu relished the process of designing for this project, drawing, sketching & getting it done...the basics...nothing big, but the point is, i realised that i hadn't done this kind of designing since a long time...had that particular feeling of personal satisfaction that one gets when you are at your board doing a project that is yours and yours alone, i don't know whether its the same for everyone who passes B.Arch... Besides the design and making of the project, the long travel from Andheri/ Borivali all the way to Wadala and back, fighting with the carpenter and client, late dinners and material exploration was also good fun.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

P 88

The city embodies within itself multiple narratives, as said by many important architects, planners and urban designers. These narratives of transformation, redevelopment, violence, technology, environment, etc structure the city into fine networks that stretch, wrap, tie and get entangled...I remember attending conferences where lot of planners came and argued on the city being like veins, crystal shards, sudoku, larynx and many more things that are tearing, shifting, splitting and shockingly even reproducing. But the point is, in such a city the multiplicity break down the clear-cut polarities of good-bad, ugly-beautiful, clean-dirty etc. and makes them murky. But the kind of Urban Transformation that is taking place in our cities today is of a nature that is giving rise to a growing intolerance towards these complexities.
Through the act of ‘tolerant’ collaboration by three of us (Ranjit, Aditya & me) on a single canvas, the image intends to look at the some of the imaginations that make up our city. This was done through formulating a methodology as a version of the surrealist exercise of ‘Exquisite Corpse’ that has built a collage of our city out of different images contributed by each one of us.

Friday, August 03, 2007