Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stone Woman

Happened to read A.S. Byatt’s ‘Stone Woman’ from Little Black Book of Stories, a story of a woman who suddenly finds herself transforming into stone, slowly in the beginning with smoothening of the skin around her navel into a marble like hard surface and then changes that take place all over her, with she having stone thoughts of rumbling and crashing, and feelings and perception of time changing.
I especially relished the descriptions of every crystal, stone, mineral, salt, pearl, rock of her and how the transformation makes her even more beautiful. And as she is transforming into stone her need to find a final resting place where she goes about standing and posing in different town squares, graveyards and many other spaces makes her sound super cute. While reading I could almost imagine ‘stone woman’ with crystals all over her reflecting, refracting light into a million beams and million spectrums all around and making low wind chime sounds while moving.
Fell in love with stone woman big time :)